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Bathroom Amenities
Part#: 595
A wide range of bath salts, bath caviar and fizz in your specified packaging

Part#: 555
We can make it even if it's not shown on this image. We have a very wide range of factories we are working and can custom make any of your ideas. Just send us an e-mail to info@rimann.com and let us know your requirements

Part#: 565
Cotton Swabs & Cotton Facial Pad. Various sizes & shapes. Can be custom packaged in cardboard box with logo
Minimum: 10,000 units/sets

Part#: 560
A wide range of emery boars & cutticle sticks packaged any way you want it. Send your specs to info@rimann.com

Part#: LFH8
Loofah Mitt, 3.5in x 4.75in, oval shape with white terry backing and elastic strap.
Delivery: Immediately (subject to availability)
Packaging: 1000pcs/carton

Part#: LFH4
Loofah, round, 2.5 inches diameter, 4 inch long, shrink-wrapped.
Packaging: 200 pcs/carton
Delivery: Immediately (subject to availability

Part#: LF/Custom
Loofah, oval shape with terry backing and strap to hold loofah, packaged in imprinted cardboard box
Minimum: 5,000 pcs
Many other styles available

Part#: 550
From porcelaine temple jars, razor sets, trays and mirrors to customised toiletries, we manufacture according to your specifications. Send us an e-mail at info@rimann.com

Part#: 580
Razor Sets, various styles & packaging. We also have razors in wood, ceramic, brass etc. Let us know your specifiations.
Custom orders only
Minimum: Starting from 2,000 units/sets

Part#: BATRY01
Shoe care items such as shoe mitts, shoe polishers, brush sets etc.

Part#: SC-MARK
Shower cap with all over imprint, then packed in envelope with imprint, then packed in custom paper box
Custom orders only
Minimum: 10,000 pcs
Many other styles available

Part#: 585
Temple Jars, porcelain, various sizes, custom color, logo available
Custom orders only. Minimum order 3-5000 pieces

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