Rimann & Associates was founded in 1988 by Heinz Rimann, a graduate of the renowned Swiss Hotel Management School in Lausanne-Switzerland. The firm began as a trading company catering to hotels. However, the founder soon saw the need to carve out a niche in the market by supplying specialized items. Bathrobes and slippers bearing the Rimann label are manufactured overseas.

In 1993 the first "Made in the USA" robes were introduced. At present, over 70% of the robes are manufactured domestically. Each year, company representatives visit the major textile and fashion shows throughout Europe and the US. The best fabrics reflecting the most current trends are then included in the upcoming collections. By using the finest textile available and creating beautiful and functional pieces, Rimann & Associates has garnered a clientele that includes some of the best hotels in the world as well as top spas and boutiques. Retail and commercial accounts are among the newer additions. The latest venture to bring these luxurious goods directly to the consumer is an exciting stage in the development of the company. We hope you'll like our products. Enjoy!



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